The new book…

I am hard at work and in a heavy production cycle for my newest book called “AAAAAAAGH! SPIDER!”. I will hopefully be completed by early February 2015, and the book should be available about that time.

A first-draft of the cover
A first-draft of the cover

I am thinking that maybe I should do a campaign. The hard work is done, now the rest is just having a budget to get out and promote it; making a media kit and sending it out. It might seem like no big deal, but everything from printing to postage costs money…money that is hard to scrape together yourself sometimes on an artist’s salary!
Maybe I’ll do the social media thing for awhile, hope it takes off, and test the waters.

I am really proud of this book. I think it’s funny and clever, and hopefully other kids and parents will like it. It features a spider, which is my youngest daughter’s (Presley, 8) obsession.


2 thoughts on “The new book…

  1. I am so Happy that I found you by accident. Don’t get me wrong I’m very tickled. I have a great granddaughter that is 18 months old, she is Down syndrome and I love her so very much. Saoirse is my life, my joy, my Happiness, my Laughter, she is my everything. She Loves it when she is read to, I’m so excited to get this Book, AAAAAAAGH! SPIDER! I would Love to have a list of the Books that you wrote so that I could get more books for her and her Mama. Thank You So much.

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