Feeling blessed, thankful, and honored

I am generally brought to tears whenever I check my email and some amazingly kind and thoughtful person has taken the time to drop me a line about the book.

It doesn’t happen every day, but I do hear from folks a few times each month, and it really just makes my day. A reader in Ireland recently dropped me a line, and said:

“I wanted to send you a note to thank you for this incredible book. I am the mum of an amazing little boy,, he is 17 months old, a bundle of love and cuddles and complete annoyance to his big 4 year old sister as all little brothers are!! Noah has Down Syndrome and a friend of mine gave me your book “What I Want You To Know” as a present.

I adore my little boy so I did not read the book to necessarily find answers or acceptance but I find myself reaching for this book all the time! It is beside my bed and I regularly fall asleep with a smile on my face after looking through the illustrations and the fantastic interpretations of the life of a smallie – I especially love the one with the little superhero as [my son] looks a little like the illustration and he truly is my hero! I can relate to so many of the pages in this book and I imagine it will come with me always.

Thank you for being a mum who pushed so hard to get this out into the hands of other parents. I think people handle this new world that is offered to them with many different approaches and perspectives, I am very grateful for my amazing family and I look forward to many adventures, I am now ready to smell the flowers, the grass, the trees while wearing our woolly hats in summer and even find some time for dancing all the way home : )

Thank you,

No, thank you! Words can’t express what a privilege it is to hear from you.

Thank you to any one who has taken a few minutes to read my simple little book, and share it with others. Being a new parent can be so hard, I am happy that some comfort can be taken away from the book.


I’m going to go give Presley a big hug and kiss now!

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