Faith is queen!

Here’s a great story I have to share…followed by a little background:

February 8, 2013 — Irondale’s Ice Age week featured the coronation of student royalty in an afternoon pep fest assembly Friday, February 8. In a vote determined by their classmates, seniors Bruce Matusovic and Faith Barnier were selected as Ice Age king and queen.

Both students participated on the adapted soccer team that went to the state tournament last fall. Bruce is the team captain of the adapted floor hockey team, and Faith plans to play on the adapted softball team this spring.

“Bruce and Faith are wonderful students and very well-liked by their classmates and the entire school community,” said Irondale principal Scott Gengler. “It was a thrill for our school to see these two students receive this honor.”

Here’s some fuzzy but spirited video.

When Presley was born, little Faith was about 12 years old. She came to the hospital to meet us with her parents, Dave & Sue, who were old family friends of my husband. It’s been over 6 years now, but I remember Faith smiling so sweetly and being so happy to see the newborn Presley. Faith’s parents were wonderful, and gave us the first words of hope and told us how lucky we were!

After a week of grim clinical prognoses, the occasional “I’m so sorry” mumbled by acquaintances who didn’t know what else to say, and living in a spare storage closet at the hospital (literally), their visit was a welcome jolt of reality. I guess Faith was the true original messenger to me that It’s going to be alright. Faith was just a sweet and normal little girl then, (not the Irondale High School Ice Age Queen we all know her as these days.)  😉

So congrats to Faith, who first reminded me that I was really a lucky winner. And kudos to Irondale High for picking a most-deserving queen.


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