The reviews are in…

Well, actually, they’re not. It’s the final puzzle piece in the book publishing journal!

I will be getting my *first* printer proof; a copy of the book how it will nearly appear when approved for publishing. The main reason for this proof is just to check that the art looks good, the cover “pops”, and a final edit/copy review with a fine tooth comb. It’s already been read over and over and over, so I’ve done everything I can to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors, or other dumb mistakes! Al anyone can tell you though who is a writer or works in publishing, sometimes when you’re really deep into a project, you just overlook an obvious mistake because you have seen it so many times.

This proof will still be missing the “reviews” and comments from the back cover. I have some terrific people reading it, and they’ve offered to make comments and review it. I hate to press people. People have been replying right away “I love it! Give me a few days to write something up.” I aimed high when asking people for reviews. I was rejected (politely) a few times, but many people I never dreamed would even respond have agreed to take a look at my book, and that amazes me.

I’m just being impatient. I know.

I’ve set the end of February as my new personal deadline to approve the final final final and print it. This is still way ahead of my original goal, and I couldn’t be happier.


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