Off and running…

The front cover is finalized!

Well my kickstarter project has drawn to a close…at least the begging for funds part. So far so awesome! Hit my goal, and depending on the final postage costs, I should be able to send out a minimum 250 copies of the book to various Down Syndrome parent support and advocacy groups. If you have any ideas for a group that you think would have a need for such a book, let me know and I’ll be sure to add them to the mailing list!

Here is what the final front cover will look like, and I’m finally happy with it! I just felt the colors were too flat in earlier versions, and this softens it up and makes it look happier and positive, instead of so mellow and gloomy.

I now have two weeks until I have access to the pledge funds. I’m spending my time scouring the web and adding organizations and people to my ever-growing mailing list. I’m tweaking the final 2 illustrations. AND I’m trying to find between 3 and 5 people to read a PDF copy of the book and offer me feedback, with the intent that if it’s flattering I’ll use it on the back cover. (As per my talented book designing friend, Andrew’s suggestion.) I’m nervous and excited to see what people will say! So far, my readership has been limited to family, and a few friends who happen to be writers or editors or English teachers (or all of the above). Of course their feedback and reviews have been glowing to say the least! I’m hoping to track down enough people who work in a field related to helping or working directly with parents of children, or children with Down Syndrome. I have two so far!

And in case that’s not enough on my plate, I started a new job two weeks ago, doing graphic design at the local newspaper. Yes…yes…with my husband the local evening television news anchor, and me and the daily paper, we are quite the media moguls. We’re like Connie Chung and Maury Povich. Or not.

They’re probably not nearly as busy!


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