R A (Becca) Hudson

R A Hudson

I was born and raised in northern Minnesota. My parents encouraged and supported my love and talent for both music and art.
After a brief stint at college in Wisconsin, I quit school and pursued the study of graphic design on my own. I took a job with an alt-weekly newspaper in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and lived and worked in that city for over a decade; working at various small publications and doing the occasional freelance job as an illustrator. I also worked as a designer/production artist for The Onion print publications. I eventually came to work as an Art Director for a media company based in Birmingham, Alabama, and was awarded several MMPA and GAMMA awards for design over nearly five years. I currently am an Art Director for two international print magazines.

R A Hudson

Since childhood, I have dreamed of illustrating and writing books. “What I Want You To Know” was my first illustrated book, and was inspired by the events surrounding the birth of my youngest daughter, Presley, who has Down syndrome.

When I’m not doodling or working, I enjoy cooking, reading, painting, sewing, playing guitar, and of course spending time with family.

I live with my family in the Minneapolis metropolitan area.

You can email me at: jarofmoths@gmail.com